Latest News Bigg Boss 13: A furious Salman Khan calls Shehnaz Gill jealous and asks to leave the house


In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar (January 11) episode of Bigg Boss 13, after all the fun and entertainment during the BB Comedy Club segment, Salman Khan will give the contestants an overview of what they’ve done. This time, the host will be seen losing his cool on Shehnaz Gill for hitting herself.
In the preview, it shows that Salman Khan is irked by her antics. He tells Shehnaz that everyone calls her ‘jealous’ because she is ‘jealous’. After hearing this, the singer, who hails from Punjab, cries inconsolably and says that she has been betrayed. She asks the host to throw her out of the house as she doesn’t want to stay inside anymore.
Salman Khan warns her to not continue the drama in front of him as he behaved quite respectfully with her and expects the same in return. He mentions about the episode where she hit herself and was crying. Shehnaz constantly kept saying to remove her from the house.
The host looks quite furious by her behaviour. He will be seen asking the makers to open the main door and let her go out. Shehnaz then goes and sits near the main gate and cries alone. Sidharth Shukla comes to speak to her but she is in no mood to speak to anyone and cries her heart out.
Tonight’s episode will decide whether Shehnaz leaves or she stays in the BB 13 house.


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