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Anandi Gopal Marathi Movie

Anandi Gopal Marathi Movie

“प्रत्येक यशस्वी पुरुषामागे एक स्त्री असते अस आपण म्हणतो पण काही यशस्वी स्त्री मागे पुरुष पण असू सकतो तोच आनंदी गोपाळ”

Movie Name- Anandi Gopal 2019

Presented By Zee Studios Marathi

Directed by Sameer Vishvas

Produced by Zee Studios and Fresh Lime Films with Namah Picture.

Cast- Lalit Prabhakar



Release Date:-15 February 2019

Aanandi Gopal is an upcoming new marathi movie in 2019 directed by sameer vishvas and produced by Zee Studios and Fresh Lime Films with Namah Picture.Lalit Prabhakar last seen in humpi and chi ani chi so ka movie play lead role in anandi gopala as a Gopal Joshi (Aanandi’s Husband) Gopal Joshi help aanandi for medical study.

Upcoming marathi movie anandi gopal is based on Aanandi Gopal Joshi is an first indian woman doctor gopal joshi play huge role ensuring that she become first doctor and help in first indian woman study medicine.

In this movie lalit prabhakar play lead role as a gopal joshi in movie.On the 10th year of age, she was married to Gopalrao Joshi. Gopalrao learn about aanandi’s fathers candition and help as for a study. By overcoming the most adverse conditions, Gopalrao learned the happiness of society after the fury of society. They decided to be the real support of happy people.

The popular dialogue ‘Mee haramkhor manushya aahe ho’ sums up his rebellious nature of an gopal joshi.Lalit prabhakar play best role in movie also maintain fair balance between calmness and toughness.

Anandi Gopal will be released on 15 February 2019.


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